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Phalgune Infotech

Phalgune Infotech is a premier IT Infrastructure Solutions company that delivers technology solutions that fit the business model of its clients in the technology areas of IT Consulting and Audit Services; Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions, Enterprise Security Solutions, and Enterprise Management Solutions.

With deep technology expertise and industry knowledge of more than 100+ Man years, we work with clients across the market sectors: Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Public, Health & Transport; Financial Services; Telecoms, Media & Technology; Energy & Utilities. focused on business technology that powers progress and helps organisations position themselves comfortably in the growth trajectory and gain significant competitive advantage.

Phalgune delivers a comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions.

products as well as implementation and supporting services for enterprise community.

Business Strategies

We have a strong portfolio of System Integration offerings that provide increased value for clients, as well as a source of better growth and profitability. Our Service delivery model has quality, scalability, predictability and flexibility at low price point to our clients.

With a wealth of experience, Phalgune is skilled across a comprehensive portfolio of IT technology lifecycle solutions and services – from planning and implementing technology solutions to ensuring the highest service levels through managed services, helpdesk and support.
We deliver what we say we will on time and on budget and strive to delight our customers at every posible opportunity. We achieve this using the skills and motivation of our talented employees and their dedication to ensuring the customer comes first.

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IT Consulting and Audit Services
IT Infrastructure Solutions
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IT Management Solutions
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