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Leased Infrastructure Service

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Leased Infrastructure Service

There is a genuine challenge amongst organizations to retain IT budgets and simultaneously meet peaks and troughs in demand. The problem is restricting personnel requirements can inhibit work during peaks and excess personnel affects spend during toughs. Flexibility in delivering Leased infrastructure Services is clearly the need of the hour.

Our Leased infrastructure Services comprises of comprehensive, integrated suite of services to manage a client’s business operations as a single entity—with single point-of accountability. Our model can eliminate the inflexibility and risks associated with traditional fixed cost models, allowing you to only pay for infrastructure and services that you use.

In this model, Phalgune offers all the infrastructure and services required to address client’s business requirement there by drastically bringing down the cost of ownership for the client without compromising on any of the requirements. The key value proposition for Phalgune InfoTech’s Leased infrastructure Services is to deliver an ‘expected level of output at predictable costs’ with continuous improvements and proactive value additions.

Our Assessment Service typically cover one or more of the following areas:

External Security Audit

This audit focuses on testing the security of client network from the Internet. Initially an analysis is conducted to determine what is publicly available about the network. This is followed by detailed network enumeration targeting the companys externally visible servers or devices. Finally vulnerabilities within the target hosts are identified, verified and the implications of such vulnerabilities are assessed and reported.

Our Approach to IT Infrastructure Assessment

Our assessment service follows a structured approach to ensure you obtain full insight to into the operational effectiveness of your Infrastructure.

Data Collection

We carry out a full analysis of the existing infrastructure from the physical connectivity through to the logical design and current utilization levels. Starting with the understanding of current network by reviewing the network diagram and documentation we get to understand an overview of the network components and critical devices, route information, types of data flowing in the network and potential network bottlenecks.

Monitoring of the traffic flowing to and from Critical devices and nodes would help us understand the flow pattern giving us deep insight on the traffic status. This along with the review of the configuration information of the critical devices would help us understand the path taken by the information to flow through in the network and ways to optimize the same in line with the industry best practices.

Protocol Analysis is also done to understand the type of packets flowing in the network along with the packet size and Data Error Rates.


Based upon the information gathered we make observations concerning key network issues witnessed as part of the exercise.


We make best practice industry recommendations to offer solutions to the observed issues.

Infrastructure Optimization Plan

We prioritize the recommendations aiming at creating a forward looking Infrastructure Optimization plan to enable your IT Infrastructure to address Business Goals.