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Security Assessments

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Security Assessments

Security is one of the most important issues for Internet exposed servers, yet it is something most companies ignore until it is too late. Most people agree that internal threats, i.e. staff with legitimate physical and user account access to systems, can be as much of a security risk as external threats.

Phalgune offers a full security audit service, ranging from checking the security on a single server, to a full test of a large corporate IT infrastructure, and the policies and procedures underpinning it.

An assessment service can ensure the companies IT systems adhere to the companies operating procedures, the requirements for security, and the companies duty of care over the data it holds. Audits are undertaken in line with industry best practices, and reports can be generated to determine compliance with ISO27001.

Our Assessment Service typically cover one or more of the following areas:

External Security Audit

This audit focuses on testing the security of client network from the Internet. Initially an analysis is conducted to determine what is publicly available about the network. This is followed by detailed network enumeration targeting the companys externally visible servers or devices. Finally vulnerabilities within the target hosts are identified, verified and the implications of such vulnerabilities are assessed and reported.

Internal Security Audit

An Internal Security Audit is conducted from within the network. We use a similar method as the external security audit except testing is performed from a number of network access points within the company network. Additionally an audit is conducted on core systems such as servers, routers and firewalls to identify any security threats and ensure they conform to security best practices.